Piano di Sorrento, is situated in the central part of the Sorrentine Peninsula, territory magically enclosed between two coasts,  south Amalfi overlooking the Gulf of Salerno and north Sorrento overlooking the beautiful Gulf of Naples.

A natural terrace with on one side a breath-taking seascape featuring in its panorama a mix of: the “Sleeping Giant” Vesuvius and the “Blue and Green Islands” Capri and Ischia, that you can clearly see in days without haze. On the other side the uncontaminated coast that watches over  the “Li Galli” Islands till Positano.

And then, the morphological symbol of the territory, the mountain patrol rich in vegetation of “Monte Vico Alvano, 643 meters high. Sea and Mountains, blue and green, a unique landscape of colours!

Marina di Cassano is a seaside village hidden from mighty walls overlooking the sea, a sea that throughout the years has slowly shaped the coast and the sandy beach giving an impact of natural beauty to the area, area where you can still feel, even if years have passed and most memories are on black and white photos,  the maritime tradition of Sailors, fishermen and heroes.